This week we were asked to go to a seminar recommended by our lecturers. At first I thought the seminar was going to teach me about photography skills but it turned out to be a story about past and present photography. But, it went well though although the audience were packed.



Hello guys !!

This week we’ve decided to start with our group’s poster. Although I’m not really involved in the production but I did contributed to the idea and design. Here it is, our poster




Our trailer received a lot of positive comment and reviews both from our friends and lecturers. I’ve got to say its quite a shocking news for me because to be honest I don’t think our group work any harder than others group but anyway, we’re going to work harder on it and hopefully the audience will love it.

Later, we’ve decided to change a bit of our video according to the comment and reviews.
see you next time !

Week 11

Assalamualaikum !

For today’s class, the lecturer asked us to present our first draft on our final project. Although its a bit sudden but luckily for our group, we were ready and prepared for the presentation. Some of my classmates weren’t ready and some of them just presented the original clips that wasn’t edited yet. But still, from the unfinished clips, I could clearly see that my classmates is very talented as their unfinished product is pretty good actually.

After presented our video, the lecturer commented on our video, other than the short duration, the comments are all positive even my classmates seemed to be enjoying our video. To be honest, we still have a lot of works to do, especially the shots that are necessary for the video. Our video is about nature so we’re going to spend a lot of time in the nature later.

Cant wait to finish my video ! see u!


Assalamualaikum and greeting everyone !

For today’s class, we were asked to create our storyboard and later present it to the class. Our group changed our idea from documentary to narrative film, most of the sketching job was done by my friend and I was just contributing on the ideas, plus, I’m going to be the main character in the film, so, I’ve already have a lot of responsibility, hehe..

The presentation went well, and as usual, the lecturer commented on our ideas and gave idea on how we can improve our film.


Assalamualaikum and good morning everyone !

So, as for this week, we’ve been asked to pick our favorite picture that we took during our trip to Penang and posted it in our facebook’s group. The picture later were evaluated accordingly based on our techniques that we used when we took the picture.

Later, we were asked to present our idea for the final project, as there were only three of our group were here, so, we just presented what we have with us as our group leader didnt attend the class today. At first, our video supposed to be a narrative video, but, during the presentation, at the very last minute, we decided to change it to documentary. And later the lecturers commented on our idea and shes also gave a few idea on how to improve ours.